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Digital Britain Unconference – Oxfordshire

Key Facts:

  • Date: 1 May 2009
  • Place: STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, just of A34 near Oxford, OX11 0QX
  • Time: Starting 11:00 am. Finishing sometime around 4:30 pm
  • Cost: Free, but no coffee or food provided. Both can be obtained onsite at a reasonable price.
  • Register:
  • Deadline: Wednesday evening on 29 April
  • Organizer: Cameron Neylon (Twitter:@CameronNeylon Friendfeed:cameronneylon)

The Oxfordshire unconference will be held at the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory on Friday 1 May. We will start around 11:00am with an “organization” session and heavy use of boards and flipcharts to organise followed by a break for lunch. In the afternoon we will return for three or four broadly themed sessions and a report writing blitz. Details will be worked out on the day! Coffee and food can be bought onsite at reasonable costs (~£5 will give you a very respectable lunch). Guest wireless is available in the meeting room but no promises are made as to how it will stand up to bashing from 80 or so geeks.

See you there!


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